2018 Toyota Supra Review: Price, Release Date, Specifications – 2018 Toyota Supra review – Toyota Supra will released the latest flagship in the next 2018 with some redesign and changes that will be applied to this latest version. Well, the changes that applied to this new Toyota Supra can be found in the exterior design which is borrow the concept of its previous Toyota FT-1 and also GT86. Not only that, to compete with its competitor, the change might be occur in the interior as well the engine that will bring the hybrid powertrain to compete in the market today. The other rumor also says that this new Toyota Supra will be also featured with twin turbocharged engine that offered by some Lexus just like engine that applied in common luxury cars from Toyota.

2018 Toyota Supra Review Price, Release Date, Specifications

2018 Toyota Supra Review Price, Release Date, Specifications

Everything that brought to this new Toyota Supra will be soon revealed in the released date that will be expected in the next 2018. It might be revealed in the Tokyo Auto Show but it would better to keep up to date about the information and specification about 2018 Toyota Supra. You can easy get the information before released about this new sport car so that you can make consideration and expectation about what new Supra get for this latest version. 2018 Toyota Supra review actually still a rumor but it will give hope to the sport car lover that Toyota will add new features and design to this new car. Moreover, Toyota will give the engine with hybrid powertrain that will be blended its performance as well as will be strengthen the performance with effective fuel economy. This car will be a great choice for today’s car.

There are changes and differences that will be gotten to this new sport car from Toyota that will make the look and also performance of this car getting better. Well, check the new 2018 Toyota Supra review and check out what’s new in this new sport car.

  • Engine

As explained before that there will be engines that featured in this new sport car to improve its performance. Hybrid powertrain is likely become favorite engine today to push the use of fuel. Well, this new Toyota Supra will also get hybrid power along with V-6 engine that will offer about 400 hp. In the other hand, there is another rumor which say that Supra will get 4-cylinder V10 engine that commonly used in Lexus and other Toyota’s luxury cars.

  • Interior

Information about the interior actually still limited and will be soon known when the car has released. However, this new car should bring the unique concept for the cabin and give luxurious statement to the cabin so that this new car could compete with its rival, Acura NSX. Upgraded technology as well as safety features will also great to give plenty yet comfort driving.

  • Exterior

The exterior for this new sport car actually gets the inspiration form Toyota FT-1 concept and also GT86 design. This borrowed concept can be seen in almost all part of the exterior form the front, rear, back and also the element of the exterior. The most attractive exterior design of latest Toyota Supra is double bubble style in the roof and make it look as classic sport car.

  • Price

The price of this latest Toyota Supra hasn’t announced, but it is expected to be priced about $40.000 up to $50.000.

This new sport car will be a competitor for Acura NSX which offer luxurious and use hybrid power that has been unveiled. This latest Toyota Supra Car Release Date will soon unveiled in the 2018 and 2018 Toyota Supra review will give you an image how it will look and what features that will be brought.